Enhance your knowledge about currencies in The Sims Mobile

As per the human life, the currencies are an essential part of every game. Without the currency, you cannot play the game. In The Sims Mobile, two types of coins are available. With the help of currencies, you are able to purchase many things. We can also say that if you want to dress up the avatar and other things, then coins are required. That is also used to unlock the new Sims and boost up the level. So today we talk about the types of currencies in the game and complete detail about the money.


Mainly two types of currencies are available in the game. Each coin has different uses and works.

  1. Simoleons
  2. Simcash

These are the main types of currencies in the game.

1.     Simoleons-

The simoleons are the first or primary currency of the game. It is useful to purchase many things in it. If you are a beginner then at first you will get the 100 simoleons as the rewards. One of the best parts is that you can convert the simcash into the simoleons. It is tough to earn, but some different steps are available in the game to earn free so by trying The Sims Mobile Cheats 2020. If you want to gain free simoleons, then you should do the daily missions, tasks and join the events. Via attends the parties and completes the quests you also earn the free simoleons. So it is the primary currency of the game.

2.     Simcash-

The simcash is the primary currency in the game. It is also very hard to earn, but some special ways are present in the game. It is generally used for but the simoleons. You can obtain it via completing the challenges, level up and join the quests. If you try all methods, then you should purchase from google play store from real money. On the store many value packs are available. Select the pack as per your choice and make the payment. It is available on both store google play store and app store. So the simcash is the second type of currency in the game.