Best Features of the FIFA Mobile

The FIFA Mobile is the best soccer game to play with your friends and worldwide online players. Every players and season are presented with the scorecard and their powers and skills. The game considers good sound quality and high-class HD features. The game looks very realistic as it deals with best quality graphics. The game is very entertaining as it makes your leisure time useful. It also conducts live events for rewards and XP.

Top Features:

  • New Campaign – It is the main part of the game as in it you can progress by chapter to chapter. It is a part of the game that we also play in offline mode. By winning in these campaign matches, you can obtain awesome rewards and prizes. In it, we have to unlock the most popular players like Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi, etc.
  • Training – The training part is the most essential of all other things. In it, we have to train our most valuable player to perform well in the match. We should use the skill boosts, XP Packs, and Unused player cards. In it, we can learn every unknown skill by doing a lot of practice in the training sessions.
  • Main Events – The events play a crucial role while we play online. It includes online leagues and matches which help in earning of coins and XP. We should always take care of the events and does not miss a single event. The more and more we participate in events the more we earn the cards and XP by getting Fifa Mobile Hack 2018.
  • Seasons – In it you should play in different matches to test your skills and your team’s capability or strength. You should need the rating to be 70 as to take part in the new season.