About Gospel Music

Originating from America, gospel music is a genre of music which is mainly based on Christian worship and features Christian evangelical lyrics. Two main types of the gospel that have been developed based on racial lines are urban or black gospel and the southern gospel. The creation and the importance of the gospel music vary according to the culture. It is performed for various purposes which may range from religious purposes to aesthetic pleasure to entertainment purposes. However, the main theme remains the same, and that is to praise God or Christ.

History of Gospel Music

The origin of gospel music is a matter of controversy because according to some it originated in Africa and was brought to America by the slaves. However, many of the gospel genre based hymns songs themselves show a prominent Scottish influence. The black and the white gospel may have grown side by side and fused together in the south but, the racial division among the blacks and the whites in the United States have kept the two apart. Although the division has lessened to some extent in the past 50 years, the two traditions still remain distinct from each other.

By the twentieth century, gospel music has established a major market after which various sub-genres began to come into existence about which we are going to discuss in this article.