4 Power-ups Of Homescapes That Are Useful!


Coins and stars both are considered as the most useful currencies of the Homescapes. Some players are still following the old pattern of playing the game for earning the coins. It is quite complicated for the new players to collect a huge amount of coins, but thanks to the outcomes of Homescapes cheats which are totally genuine and useful. Once you earn the funds then simply use them at the time of buying the items like furniture for the homes in the game. Even you will automatically able to play the game perfectly and grab some points with ease. Now I am going to share some more facts about the game in upcoming paragraphs.

Types of power-ups

In the puzzle, when you combine the power-ups, then it will automatically fishing the match quickly. Here are some great types of power-ups that you must check out-

  1. Airplane – By combining 4 different tiles in a square, the player can make an airplane
  2. Rainbow Ball – with 5 tiles in a line is possible to create the Rainbow Ball.
  3. Bomb – by attaching 5 tiles in shape of L players can get a bomb power-up.
  4. Rocket – The rocket booster is possible to make by using the 4 different tiles in a straight line.

Finally, we have covered some of the most vital aspects related to the four different kinds of power-ups. However, if you enable the security features like anti-ban and proxy of Homescapes cheats, then it will give you 100% genuine outcomes. Once you get the currencies then simply spend at the time of buying items of the game.